Posted by: Dalibor Dimovski | September 17, 2008

Brings Back Memories

I happened upon a link online to an article about an old project I was a part of in college over at CCS.  It was a show car for BMW, done for my 1999 Color & Trim class.  Based on the Z3, the theme of the vehicle was techno-fantasy and revolved around experiencing the nightlife and high fashion for someone in their early twenties.

I remember working on several parts of the design: the vehicle name (Ohm) and logo design, the seating design (which helped me get my internship at a seating supplier the same month as the debut of the vehicle at NAIAS in January of 2000), and other various parts.  Of course the vehicle was a team project.  I won’t take credit for it all by myself: all decisions were definitely made as a team, and my contribution was small compared to what the rest of the team created together.  However, there were parts of the concept that I focused on that remained pure to their intent, something that is rare even today in the automotive design world.

I thoroughly thank the rest of the team for their work with me.  To this day I’ll never manage to comprehend the immense work that went into the color choices, paint, materials, and more that the rest of the team worked to create and merge to achieve the theme we all were striving for.  I was definitely in their shadow, hunkering over my small contribution.  It was a fantastic experience to go through.

Here’s the link to the article, with a short excerpt:

Future Designers Present – Ohm – The Ultimate Concept Car For the 21st Century

…Each year student designers from the
Center for Creative Studies-College of Art and Design (CCS) dazzle onlookers
at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) with their fresh and
innovative concept show vehicle. This year, CCS is proud to present — the
Ohm — a BMW Z3 roadster transformed into a jazzy and electric retreat for the
nightlife driver enthusiast…


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