Posted by: Dalibor Dimovski | October 2, 2008

Nintendo Announces DSi

Nintendo has just announced the much-rumored (and highly anticipated) successor to the DS, the DSi.

Here are the (translated) specs:

  • Screens are slightly larger: now at 3.25″
  • Front-facing camera (640×480) utilized for photos and games
  • User-facing camera for video chat/games
  • Onboard storage for game downloads
  • SD card slot
  • Music playback (MP3 AAC etc)
  • 12% thinner overall, due to removal of GBA slot
  • Will allow use of Wii Points (now being renamed to Nintendo Points) to buy games
  • Games will be in four categories: Free, 200 points, 400 pts, 800 pts
  • Built-in Opera web browser
  • Increased interaction with kiosks
  • Logging into to the DSi shop before March 2010 will get you 1000 points for free (thanks, Nintendo!)
  • Increased interactivity with the Wii
  • Will have “channel” interface that looks suspiciously like a marriage of the PSP’s XMB and the iPhone’s apps
  • Will debut in Japan on Nov 1st for about $180 and come in white & matte black
  • US in “2009” (my guess: March)

Take a look at a couple of better images (From )



  1. The first video example of how it works here:
    Very cooool !!!!

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